All of these AnandaDance and other workshops already took place at least once at few amazing places in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Feel free to contact us, if you would like to organize any of them somewhere near you:

All workshops are preferably held in 4 days format, for some of them the 6 or 7 days format would be the optimum.


Basic AD workshop, also possible in 3 days format.

Awakening of the body, voice, exploring and widening its possibilities and discovering true abilities, deepening receptivity, empathy, courage to meet yourself and others in unexpected ways.

Tree of Life

Exploring your roots, trunk, branches, crown, leaves and how and from where they are nourished. A deeper dive into your personal story and into stories of your ancestors. Always an opportunity to heal at least a part of your family tree.

Ego Carnival (this is a 6 days format)

You can get familiar with your various ego disguises and witness the games it is playing with you and with others.  Part of the workshop will be spent in darkness. And maybe you will meet your soul…:)

Cave of Wishes

Often there is a huge difference between your wishes, desires and your true needs. At this workshop you can get a more clear picture of it.

Constellation of the Heart

Emotions in motion.

The Fire Inside

Anger and agression, what is their place in your life and how you handle it… or how it handles you? The huge fiery energy can be transformed into amazing creative force. It is never too late to work on it instead of letting it burn you.

Alchemy of Crisis

Every crisis contains a seed of another rebirth. In the moment of crisis though it is usually very difficult to keep a distance and be aware of that potential.  Here you have a chance to dive into the essence of crisis and its transformational potential, so that your body/mind can remember when it comes again…


The more we ignore our shadows, the more they manifest as inconvenient or disturbing situations or as our lives  crowded with annoying people… Here you get the opportunity to bring some light into your shadowlands and discover there the golden treasure of creativity.

This workshop includes the work with archetypes.

Danse Macabre

Rare and precious  encounter with the mysterium tremendum of death.  Motto of this one would be: “In order to live a full life a part of me  has to die”

Very much inspired by my close witnessing of the dying process and death of both my grandmother and mother, who had the chance doing it at home. Great teaching and a pity, that so few can go through this nowadays…


Eros is a huge natural creative and vibrating life force.  But the contemporary culture prefers to anesthesize and dilute it in the entertainment and spiritual supermarkets.  Here we try to restore it to its original glory and let it vibrate and shine through us, enlive us and heal us.

Sources of Power

A  main title of all workshops co-created and co-led by Nina Jassinger/Slovakia and David Jelinek/Belgium.

Besides of using conscious movement, ecstatic dance, Long Dance and TranceDance rituals, paratheatrical and voice work, our common workshops have also a kind of  “shamanic touch” meaning that we are interested in European traditions, which in its essence are similar to shamanism – like the ancient southern Italian tarantella healing trance, which we transposed into contemporary TranceDance format.

Other common key words of our work are deep ecology (as pioneered by Arne Naess), ecology of the soul, human being as an integral part of nature.

Body Creative

Workshops together with Martin Quintela/Uruguay or by Martin alone.

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