Shiatsu in Bratislava

Shiatsu is a contemporary japanese physical therapy.  The main tool is finger or elbow pressure on pressure points. These are located along the meridians.  Meridians are energetic pathways. The pressure, soft joint manipulation, tractions and soft shaking provide the smooth energy flow through those pathways.

Location: Bratislava – Kramáre, 10 minutes from the city center, good parking

Contact: Nina Jassinger (18 years of practice),

Phone: (00421)  0903 177 281

Precise navigation follows after you  book your session.

At the end of a shiatsu session I work on the client s head. That brings him into te state of deep relaxation and bliss. Thus the inner organs can effectively regenerate.

A shiatsu session results in deep relaxation and bliss.

Many are the benefits of shiatsu, these are some of them:

–  relieves migraines,

–  back pains

–  joint pains and stiffness

–  menstrual pains and disorders

–  digestive disorders

–  emotional and energetic disbalance

–  improves and deepens your breathing patterns

–  improves your posture

–  in very deep relaxation, that many cannot experience otherwise, effectively restores the balance, energy and function of inner organs

– teaches you to listen to your body and become more aware of it and its needs

Price list

60 min. session:     32 Euro

90 min. session:     40 Euro


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